What Type of Gambler Are You? Part I

Do you know that there are many types of gamblers in the same manner that there are also many types of gambling? While most bettors don’t normally have problems with their gambling, you might be wagering a little too heavily for your own good or might even need psychological help. Our two part series begins with a list of what we’d like to call “Okay Gamblers.” If you’re in this category, congratulations!

Okay Gamblers

Recreational Gamblers

Recreational or social gamblers view gambling as a leisurely activity. It’s put in the same category as going to the movies or playing a round of golf. Sure, they might keep a daily or weekly lottery ticket but gambling episodes are never frequent. Rarely do they lose control or money over any form of gambling activity they undertake. Unlike the serious gambler, they do not miss gambling nor do they think about it. Their behavior does not result in any negative consequences for themselves and for their family. Even other people do not see their gambling as excessive and they themselves make no attempt to hide it. Thankfully, most of us belong in this category

Heavy Gamblers

Heavy or serious gamblers belong to our classification of Okay Gamblers since they gamble only what they can afford to lose. They have allocated money specifically for their gambling needs but this is proportional to their earnings and remain constant over time. They don’t even borrow from their credit cards to finance their gambling. They still find time to spend with their family and this activity does not cause any problems with those around them. However, they have made gambling an integral part of their lives and unlike the social gambler, would miss it if they fail to engage in it. Those who belong in this category usually focus on one type of gambling. For example, they may choose to bet on the races or play poker. They don’t chase losses. Unfortunately, the heavy gambler is more prone to being a problem gambler if he is not careful. Most problem gamblers try to hide under this category.

Professional Gambler

Professional gamblers are placed here insofar as their gambling strategy is concerned. They rarely lose control when they bet and everything is always methodical and carefully planned. They are highly disciplined and rarely will you find a gambler who bets impulsively. They do not chase loses as well. The problem is, they rely on gambling as their primary means of income. There’s also the big chance that they will become problem or pathological gamblers in the future.

Gambling Types – 4 Types To Pick From

Gambling goes on for various reasons since its evolution. The most fundamental purpose for people to gamble is for entertainment. It is more like a chance-game which entails whatsoever is at stake, most often being money. Betting or gambling started around 2300 B.C., leaving artifacts like dices in and around India, Egypt, China and Rome. In a very recent survey, around 63 percent of American population feel legalized gambling is not junk and around another 22 percent of people would want the betting trend to be further expanded. Be it dice, roulettes or computer mouse, you can essentially decide what exactly suits you the best. Following choices would help you to decide the best.

Casino Games

Casino Games are those betting games which are usually played within Casinos. One can win straight through it with apt tactic and positive mathematical probability approach. Few examples are cited below:

1) Poker

Poker is one of the most often played casino game. A Persian Game by name “al nas” was supposed to be the originating game for today’s Poker. A deck of cards is used in poker for several rounds of betting. If you manifest the best hand, you win the pot. This would also say that skill and strategy is mandatory in poker winnings.

2) Online Casino

Online Casino games are those played over the internet; virtual casino games. Though the rules match the original Casino Games, players could either be computer generated or actual ones.

3) Slot machines

Slot Machines are betting machines that use a coin to spin a reel-set which is generally towed by a lever. You need to achieve alike patterns to get through this game.

4) Roulette

In 1942, a French mathematician by name Blaise Pascal came up with this betting game of Roulettes. Here a small ball would hit a number and that is what you bet upon.

Fixed-odds gambling

In such types of betting, you would have to bet on precise outcome of any particular event such as motor racing, horse racing, baseball, ice hockey, jai alai etc.

Sports betting

Sports betting are a boom factor within the gambling industry, although it is illegal in quite many countries. Here the bets depend upon the number of points in the sport like football or baseball. Most commonly bets in such cases are either against odds, against the spread and against the combination of odds and spread.

Arbitrage betting

This is often termed as ‘gambling involving no risk’. In Arbitrage betting, the concept is more like betting on a specific result but by means of varied betting groups. As this is more like an investment procedure, a huge sum of money is involved when compared to gambling in generic ways.

Always ensure you think of gambling more like your pastime rather than considering it as a spring for money. Ascertain to set aside a spending limit before engaging in any forms of gambling. It should always remain in moderation and should never hinder your priorities in life.

Gambling Addiction Signs

Gambling addictions are on the rise due to game shows on televisions. Game shows and gambling spots provide the venue for people to bet excessively. In fact you can even place your bet online or by a mere phone call. Compulsive gambling present a grave concern because of money problems, family relationship as well as professional life. There are others who commit suicide when the going gets tough.

Gambling is often associated with the male populace, in some tribal groupings and people with low income. Gambling also induces people to smoke and drink a lot. Gambling addiction is a type of addiction wherein a person loses control over betting and that compulsiveness to pursue the adrenaline or natural high a person often experiences when making a bet. It can direct a person to continually place more bets without thought and care of the things that are going on around him or her.

This type of behavior can be disastrous and affects a person physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Records will show that suicidal attempts have increased from 17 to 24 percent. Gamblers often deny that they are hooked and are not amenable in searching for an expert’s help. Medical practitioners are now advised to ask if any of their patients have gambling habits or activities.

Indicators of gaming obsession are the following: too much preoccupation about gambling, the urge to put increased wagers with the thought that he or she will win back the money he or she has lost, staying behind office works just to bet and not going home at all, an alternative to get away from stress, indebtedness and cheating to get money to support this bad habit. Oftentimes, compulsive gamblers forget their responsibilities and obligations at home.

Gamblers are of two types. The action gamblers are basically males who have started betting in their early years. These types of gamblers have high IQs and have turned to betting to make full use of their intelligence. They are usually into black jack, poker, sports and stocks.

The second type is the escape gamblers and generally composed of women. These types of gamblers are in their 30s or even older. They go into gambling as an outlet for their emotional and physical burden. They usually go for slots machine, bingo or lottery that will not ask for too much from them.